CCC has the youth on our heart and as such we give them our utmost attention and concern ourselves with their development in their walk with God. There is no greater challenge in serving God than during your youth. Therefore as a church we spend much time.

Our youth always participate in our praise and worship celebration in the main service before enjoying their time together in an informal setting during the time of the preaching.

Their programmes are designed to help them discuss the very crucial topics that confront them at their age.

Many topics are discussed including how to maintain and not lose your faith, how to grow in the Lord and overcome temptations, how to live as a Christian in a godless environment.

Whiles keeping their faith in the Lord we also expect to see them well in their academic work.

We are planning to hold a youth fun club known as FLAP (Fun Laughter And Play) on Saturdays. The aim is for the youth to come to church to have fun as this period is designed to create a learning environment and also teaching the youth how to mingle with different people which is vital for proper integration into the community. By engaging with others it helps to build relationships through activities such as music, drama, poetry, acting, playing games etc etc. Food and drinks will be provided during this time.

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